2GD typo*graphic - graphic design, typography, books

A new collection of 2012 appointment books and sketch books sticks to the traditional paperwork of
2gd typo*graphic. We pride ourselves on elegance, thoroughness and details.
Size: 100 x 155 mm / paper: Lanza Eco /
When: 2011
2GD typo*graphic



Students of DAMU and DISK theatre asked us for concept of promotion of graduates' play.

The play "Já, hrdina" is an auctorial theatre project that makes an analysis of Mašín brothers by the non-theatrical way. It consists of the authentic police notes, talks and internet chats. It's been realised in cooperation with DAMU production: Petr Cibulka, Petra Kašparová a Gabriela Nováková. Directed by: Jiří Havelka




Collection of sketchbooks GEO 2011




Designblok 2011




malá ochutnávka | beyond everydayness - theatre architecture in central europe

unique colective volume of more that 30 experts from 6 countries
of Central Europe (AT, CZ, PL, HU, SI, SK)
73 most interesing and important theatre buildings of this region + appendices
extraordinary as to its dimensions (348mm x 236 mm, 608 pages)
and uncompromising visual solution 970 pictures and plans, arctic volume ivory paper


thanks to all of cooperators

Client: National theatre in Pregue and Theatre Institute
When: April 2009 - May 2011


We participated in the creation of a visual conception for a new café in the centre of Prague.
We created the logotype and minimalist graphics.
11 Valentinská / Prague 1, 110 00 
Client: Mistral Café (investor P.Dukič and A. Mikulenková)
When: March - May 2010




Realisation of school book 3V projekt for association Tereza for what we got the I. place - the price of ministry of culture - at The most beautiful book of the year 2010




H.A.N.S. stavby a.s. - visual style



12 logotyps by 2GD studio



Typesetting of the book Čtyřnohá vrána a nové taškařice

Realisation: 2007


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