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We are working on a new visual style of the HANS construction a.s. A 2011 New Year's card is the first thing on the list. The word h-a-n-s is written on the walls of the "candlestick". A playful promotion item that presents the now logotype and, at the same time, is not too intrusive. (All the rest is currently being worked on).
Client: HANS stavby a.s.
When: December 2010




The typesetting of the book Malé úvahy




Illustrations for 3V projekt (Vědecký postup, Koloběh uhlíku a Pedologie).
Client: Sdružení Tereza o.s.
Realisation: November 2010



For sdružení Tereza o.s. we made an illustrated book Udržitený život ve třídě (1.stupeň ZŠ)
supporting and clearing up basic ekological principles (water, light, plastic materials, electricity).
Client: Tereza o.s.
Realisation: November 2010



Web and company presentation for Azpiro, s.r.o. http://www.azpiro.cz

Realisation: May 2010

Sketchbook collection 2010 and diaries 2011
Four colour alternatives of sketchbooks and diaries with stamp-like labels. For sale on www.sofistick.cz or in our studio
Client: 2GD studio's own project/ produced for design blok 2010
Release: September 2010


We have an exposition with new wallpapers under a new brandname ta-pe-ta on the occasion of the Days of Design. Fans of our stationery will be pleased by a set of sketchbooks and 2011 diaries. You can buy any of the aforementioned items on the spot.  We look formward to seeing you untill 10 October 2010. More on  www.ta-pe-ta.cz
Client: 2GD studio's own project and Sofistick.cz
When: April - October 2010


A specimen of working sketches for the graphical form of a poster for the international linguistic convention.
Client: Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Applied Linguistics) Prague
When: July 2010


We prepared a visual style for a gallery of three young female curators (specimen of business cards)
Client: Ini gallery (Karina Kottová, Klára Adamcová, Tereza Jelínková)
When: July 2010

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